Parsing of harmonic elimination device works

by:Mings     2020-05-22
If you want to understand the work principle of microcomputer harmonic elimination device, the first thing to understand the concept of it. Computer harmonic elimination device and microcomputer power resonance eliminator, as the name implies, it is a kind of diagnose and eliminate ferroresonance device. What is a ferromagnetic resonance? How is it made? Ferromagnetic resonance is a core inductance components, such as generator, transformer, voltage transformer, reactor, the capacitance element of arc suppression coil and so on system, such as transmission lines, such as capacitor compensator form total harmonic condition, stimulate continuous ferromagnetic resonance, make the system produce resonance overvoltage. Great harm resonant overvoltage in power system, easy to cause electric power accident, and the main function of computer harmonic elimination device is to diagnose and eliminate resonant overvoltage. WXZ196 computer harmonic elimination device is the computer technology for the power grid harmonic elimination, using computer rapid and accurate data processing ability of rapid analysis, diagnose and eliminate the resonance of a series of work. Computer harmonic elimination device real-time monitoring of voltage transformer PT open delta voltage and frequency, when the ferromagnetic resonance occurs, the instantaneous start resonant components, produce strong damping, eliminate resonance. Most computer harmonic elimination device by single chip microcomputer as the core components, the PT open delta voltage ( The zero sequence voltage) Test cycle. Under normal working condition, the voltage is less than 30 v, high power harmonic elimination components within the device in the blocking state, had no effect on the system. When PT open delta voltage greater than 30 v, the system fails, data acquisition device to open delta voltage, through digital measurement, filtering, digital signal processing technology such as amplification, the data points plate, calculation, determine the current state of fault, if there is some kind of ferromagnetic resonance frequency ( In the 17 hz - commonly Between 150 hz) , CPU immediately launched the harmonic elimination circuit, let the ferromagnetic resonance under strong damping is rapidly disappearing. Computer harmonic elimination device perfect solve the problem of the power system harmonic elimination of eccn, and can record store resonant frequency and resonant frequency, widely used in power plants, substations and steel, coal, petrochemical and other large factories and mines of power system. 阿兹- WXZ196 computer harmonic elimination device to quickly remove when ferromagnetic resonance, the overvoltage, when the single-phase grounding fault such as alarm signal and display the saved information. 阿兹- WXZ196 computer harmonic elimination device without setting and debugging, boot after self-checking automatically enter the running state, maintenance quantity is low. 阿兹- WXZ196 computer harmonic elimination device can eliminate resonant: 17 hz ( A third frequency division) ,25 hz ( 1/2 frequency division) (50Hz, Power frequency) 150赫兹( Three times the frequency)
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