Partial composite insulator surface layer conductivity measurement - The characteristics of characterization of composite insulator leakage current, composite insulator, high pressure

by:Mings     2020-05-10
Partial composite insulator surface fouling layer conductivity measurements from the physical essence, the local surface conductivity of fouling layer and the surface conductivity ( Is also called the overall surface conductivity) Is the same parameter, their physical meaning is the same, the difference is only measuring method. Partial surface conductivity method compared with the surface conductivity method has two advantages: one is the test equipment is simple, does not require expensive, heavy high pressure equipment; 2 it is to avoid the fouling layer metal composite insulator accessories parts gap on the surface of the influence of the conductivity measurements. Local surface conductivity and more representative real polluted degree of composite insulator, composite insulator and the lightning pressure have good correlation. Partial surface conductivity method can detect not only the product of the average of the impurity level, and the polluted degree can be detected in the distribution of the composite insulator surface state. In addition can not damage the fouling layer under the premise of get the product on the surface of the composite insulator pollution status changing with the time. To stay before testing surface spray, make its surface just reached the saturated state of be affected with damp be affected with damp. Measurement point determined according to experience, the number of measuring point, the more get * will results more accurate. Such as suspension insulator, such as on the surface can be divided into four quadrants, each quadrant to take three points, but near the location of the steel cap, middle and close to the outer edge of each point, a total of 12 points. In the same way the surface also take 12 points. 24 point measurements of arithmetic mean, is the average of the insulator surface conductivity value. Measuring flow through the surface of the insulator leakage current value to the characteristics of leakage current to express the degree of the filth of the composite insulator can realize polluted degree of automatic detection and alarm, the method of measuring the leakage current in some areas and * * also got more extensive application. Characterization of composite insulator leakage current characteristics of leakage current and degree of filth, not only the size of the composite insulator and the degree of be affected with damp be affected with damp, in addition to and composite insulator string length, geometric shapes and other factors. How to measure the leakage current value of the filth of the evaluation of high voltage insulator, such problems as how to determine the threshold value of leakage current alarm is still without a clear conclusion. Another problem is that only in wet weather conditions can detect leakage current, he only suitable for humid rainy area, in the lack of rain area measuring the leakage current method is not applicable. Outstanding advantage of the leakage current method is to realize the on-line monitoring, and thus brought to the attention of the people. Can take advantage of the leakage current of the following characteristics as said polluted degree of parameters. 1. Under the operating voltage of leakage current * big pulse amplitude; 2. More than a certain number of leakage current pulse amplitude; 3. * before flashing big leakage current value; 【 A message: on the hydrophobic and hydrophilic state in the process of composite insulator pollution flashover differences 】 【 Under the action of a message: under impulse voltage of high voltage insulator pollution flashover mechanism 】
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