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by:Mings     2020-05-09
Introduction in ac and dc high voltage transmission lines in China up to now only use the disc hanging and organic composite insulator, are considering using long rod insulator. Due to the different types of insulator material, manufacturing process and the structure is different, its mechanical properties, electrical properties and pollution characteristics and differences between high and low temperature properties, etc. This article is to discuss the characteristics of the insulator and the selection of the insulator. 1 瓷、玻璃悬式绝缘子性能比较1. 1 机械特性的评估机械拉伸的质量指数Q和机械残留拉伸性能质量指数Qs是评估绝缘子机械性能的重要参数。 Visible, porcelain and glass ac or dc suspension insulator design value is high, can ensure high reliability; The main mechanical properties dispersion is small, can be well master and control its mechanical properties; At the same time also illustrates the value each has certain advantages and disadvantages of engineering design. From a statistical parameter value, more than 160 kn and ac, dc porcelain insulator mechanical tensile load margin is glass insulator is big, but the residual mechanical properties of glass insulator porcelain insulator big margin. With the increase of quality of high voltage insulator, and its major general trend characterized by margin to reduce mechanical strength and larger dispersion, guarantee value of a smaller margin reflects the quality, the greater the manufacturing more difficult. Manufacturing high performance, high quality of hanging glass and porcelain insulator, in addition to the design on the pursuit of their respective set features have a certain margin and dispersion, must be in each manufacturing process to implement strict quality management. 1. 2 main electrical characteristics in nearly 10 years through the insulator material, formula and manufacturing process of continuous improvement, porcelain and glass insulator steep shock resistance and power frequency arc resistance increase greatly. 2复合绝缘子性能分析2. 1 干、湿工频闪络特性在同一结构高度和相同运行条件下,其干、湿工频闪络电压较悬式瓷、玻璃绝缘子明显降低。 Wet flashover voltage values in addition to the voltage depends on the size, shape and distribution, also associated with the waterproof effect of umbrella, usually umbrella spacing increases its distance from the same insulation after wet flashover voltage increase. 2. 2 防污特性刚出厂的复合绝缘子憎水性通常为HC1~2级,瓷、玻璃绝缘子相应为HC5级,复合绝缘子具有良好的防污特性是因为其有良好的憎水性。 If for the running of composite insulator, hydrophobic not down to level of porcelain and glass insulator can still call it the anti-pollution insulator; If the hydrophobic down after running for several years, it should not be called anti-pollution insulator. 复合绝缘子伞裙形状的合理性不及瓷和玻璃绝缘子。 Small diameter and small spacing umbrella umbrella umbrella skirt shape is easy to make local creepage distance between adjacent umbrella skirt is short circuit and air discharge arcing between umbrella skirt short, reduce its valid creepage distance. Especially in the running for several years after its hydrophobic completely or partially lost, this kind of phenomenon is more likely to happen, makes its antifouling properties. 3 3 long rod insulator performance analysis. 1 不可击穿性其耐陡波性能优于悬式绝缘子,不会因陡波和大电流流过劣化绝缘子头部而使绝缘子掉串。 3. 2 爬电比距其爬电距离相当于标准绝缘子1. 1 ~ 1. Three times. 3. 3 机械特性试验结果表明,160kN长棒型绝缘子的机械破坏平均负荷~275kN。  【 On a message: what are fixed on the high voltage insulator busbar requirements 】 【 The next message: the necessity of high voltage insulator filthy degree online monitoring 】
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