Pin insulator - the cause of filth discharge Pin insulator contamination discharge preventive measures

by:Mings     2020-05-03
Pin insulator discharge, and refers to the equipment under the working voltage of external insulation flashover, and in a filthy when certain discharge phenomenon. In the natural environment, pin insulator by nitrogen oxides and salts and granularity dust, deposits a layer of unclean surface gradually. When the weather is dry, the polluted insulator maintained a high insulation level, close when the discharge voltage and clean condition. When touching the fog, dew, the wet weather such as rain and melting ice and snow melt, pin insulator surface to absorb moisture, dirt layer of electrolyte solution, ionization, causing fouling layer conductivity increases, the surface of the pin insulator leakage current will increase. Structure and features of different have different characteristics and its performance, due to the shape of pin insulator, the influence of the structure, size and pin type insulator surface fouling layer distribution and moisture degree of different factors, such as pin insulator surface in various parts of the current density is different, the results form dry zone at the site of the current density, the formation of dry zone prompted more uneven distribution of voltage on the surface of the pin insulator, dry zone under high voltage. When the electric field intensity is big enough, will produce glow discharge, which in turn generate local electric arc. Arc is likely to go out, also may develop. When the local electric arc occurrence and development constantly, meet or exceed the critical state, the arc throughout the poles, produce the flashover. Precaution insulator contamination discharge measures are: first, adjust pin insulator creepage distance, or use the anti-pollution ability of dust insulator, silicone rubber insulators, etc; Second, the purification pin insulator, keep the pin insulator surface clean; Three, used in a variety of antifouling paint, placed in the surface of the pin insulator; Four, used in a variety of cover up skirt and silicone rubber increase, Five, adopted the conductor glaze insulator; Sixth, strengthen management, to pin insulator string of detection of zero and inferior quality on a regular basis, timely replacement of zero mass and inferior insulator. Pin insulator is a kind of good insulation products, can play an important role in the power industry and value. When using pin insulator regularly carries on the inspection, to ensure that the pin insulator surface clean and tidy, prevent certain filth discharge 【 On a message: relevant knowledge and working performance of composite pin insulator 】 【 The next message: the advantages of hydrophobic composite insulator, composite insulator 】
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