Porcelain insulator how to better adapt to the demand of the market

by:Mings     2020-05-15

power equipment has a very long history, we also to his familiarity with time and then after a series of optimization and improvement, make it more adapt to the demand of the market, the porcelain insulator is today we mainly introduce a new type of product, below small make up will take us to learn more knowledge of products. Raw materials for porcelain insulator of billet by made from clay, feldspar, quartz, ordinary porcelain, generally used in high and low pressure insulator, its performance is very high mechanical strength, insulator is mainly used for various kinds of transmission line construction project, is a special product advantage of insulation control, plays the role of in overhead line is as important. Folk porcelain insulator used for pole, slowly evolved from one end of the high type high voltage wires hung up the many disc insulators, it is to increase the creepage distance, the overhead power transmission lines with two basic role, namely support wire and prevent the current back, these two functions must be guaranteed, should not change due to environmental and electrical load conditions lead to a variety of mechanical and electrical stress and failure, or else there won't have a significant role in the ceramic insulator, will damage the whole line of use and operating life. The above content is our knowledge of porcelain insulator, it is our company's main processing production of an electric power equipment. In our got very good application of the power industry. The quality of our products is very reliable, and the performance is very stable, we can be at ease for application.

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