Porcelain insulator installation considerations

by:Mings     2020-07-10
1. The provisions of the insulator with JB/T9673 for packaging. 2. Insulator in a sturdy, size is suitable for paper box, transportation is convenient. 3. Products are packed in cartons, 220 kv and below 10 kv, each containing six products of 35 kv ~ 220 kv products every three cigarettes and products. 330 kv ~ 750 kv products packed in circular cylinder, 1 bottle within each film products. 330 kv ~ 750 kv in the packaging, in order to better protect the product from being damaged, with three radial support plate fixed first insulator, then put inside a circular cylinder, the final will be packaging film plastic bags. 4. Each box containing the product certificate, along with the goods with 3 ~ 10 operating instructions. 5. Equalizing ring the other packing in cartons, 220 kv and below the product equalizing ring cartons with 3, 330 kv and above products equalizing ring cartons pack 2, equalizing ring including assembly together of bolt, nut and spring washer.
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