Porcelain insulator what are the main classification

by:Mings     2020-05-15

porcelain insulator is more common in our life an insulator products. Has a very wide application in the electric power facilities. Working for our electricity has brought the very big help, in order to be able to let us know more to our products. Below small make up will bring all of us to learn more products knowledge. Porcelain insulator is our application in a very good power equipment of electric power industry, he is primarily a cone or cylinder of porcelain insulator for power overhead line, also known as porcelain insulator. It besides the same as the normal line insulator fixed wire and ground insulation function, but also in whole or in part to replace iron or wooden cross arm. There are two types of this product, with metal accessories and metal accessories. Application more medium voltage and over voltage grade of mostly with metal accessories. Attachments has two holes, a hole for mounting bolts, another close to the role of the hole of the root is when porcelain crossarm have uneven tension force by shear bolts on the hole can make porcelain crossarm rotate along the retaining bolt, to ease the imbalance of tension on both sides. Using this product, fixed and binding wire form has two kinds, one kind is directly binding, another kind is the porcelain with the head with a connection, for the suspension clamp. Today, we mainly introduce the related knowledge of porcelain insulator, believe everyone understand the basic conditions for the sale of our products, if you want to learn more knowledge of products, can focus on our website, later will have more news. Also can call the hotline to contact us at any time.

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