Post insulator anti-fouling ability

by:Mings     2020-05-15

post insulator is our often applied to electric power equipment of electric power industry, its application is very good for our work has brought the very big help. Now will be applied to many enterprises, so its use frequency is more and more high. The following is the small make up to you to do detailed introduction. Post insulator, engaged in electric power engineering construction is familiar to him, yes, it is mainly used in a product of our electric power engineering construction industry, also many types of product model, the market has a lot of insulating material form in our line of sight, insulator has good resistance to bending performance, anti-fouling ability strong, impact resistant capability is strong, shockproof and brittle fracture prevention performance is good, small volume, light weight, easy installation, using integral rod type design, compact structure, high quality, not the breakdown type design, don't need to test in the operation of the zero value. Excellent ability to resist ultraviolet radiation. To avoid people or other things by uv irradiation. Weight greatly save the installation transportation cost, suitable for emergency repair and transport line can't close to mountain line erection, maintenance; Can simplify the structure of tower, allowed to have a larger span and provides conditions for the development of compact line. Silicone liquid thin film is basically engulfed the unclean, thereby inhibiting the ionic substances dissolved in the water, provides high surface resistance, reduce the leakage current, improve the defiled flashover voltage. The above content is our for related knowledge introduction of post insulator, believe that all of us for the product have more understanding. Products got very good application in the middle of the electrical work. If you are interested in our products, you can call the hotline to contact us at any time.

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