Post insulator is rarely influenced by external environment

by:Mings     2020-04-28

post insulator is important safety accessories of electrical engineering, the use of specific process requires the installation of very strict technical requirements, the application of it brought a very big help for our work. In order to be able to let us know more to our products, the following staff will take you to learn more knowledge of products. Post insulator in use process under mechanical stress at the same time, the electric stress and the chemistry of sulfur hexafluoride and its decomposition, umbrella design composite insulator because of demoulding difficulties, umbrella skirt design principle of disc type suspension porcelain and glass insulator is not reasonable. On the mechanical properties of the composite insulator for a long time under bending and torsion research is not sufficient, the lack of mechanical reliability system, which is unfavorable to operation management department accurate, fast, to master the operation of the power transmission and transformation equipment and the use of features. In order to guarantee the reliability and security of the running for a long time in the outdoor products, design and manufacturing to ensure the end attachment sheath and reliable sealing interface connection. Narrow corridor can be effectively used to open pressure transmission, apply to the technical reform of city network, can reduce the height of tower, can save a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources, due to its high bending strength, can prevent the porcelain crossarm prone to the level of the fracture accident, was no substitute porcelain crossarm products; Small volume, light weight, shock, impact resistant capability is strong, does not need manual cleaning, which guarantees safe operation. The above content is our pillar insulator for the introduction of relevant knowledge, it is in our power to work has played a very important role, its use effect is good, and is rarely influenced by external environment, and use this product for the cold temperature region can also use effect is very satisfactory.

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