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by:Mings     2020-05-16

now post insulator industry has been a lot of power grid and large enterprise applications, pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, not deformation, don't rub off. In the practical use, however, after long-term use of post insulator also can appear the phenomenon of aging. So, post insulator aging factors what?

in many ways the post insulator aging factors, both with manufacturers choose materials, formula, process flow, and operation environment, and also in the operation of the electric load resistance even under the effect of external force. If improper support insulator in the process of production formula, process flow of raw materials mixing unevenly, roasting and inadequate firepower, hygroscopicity porosity have a support insulator formation. And structure is not reasonable, or forming error, unequal stress, also can make support insulator is internal stress, which lead to support insulator produce crack, air gap, and degradation. In heavy pollution area, post insulator caused by fog or moist dew voltage imbalance, cause creeping discharge. After a long run, ultraviolet ray and cause degradation creeping discharge, etc. Along with the beginning of the surface color, appear opaque and crack. These changes increase the surface roughness, leading to impurity accumulation rate rise. The corona discharge and surface may produce corrosion, an umbrella group of cracking or piercings.

the above is the content of the post insulator manufacturer to explain for everybody to product knowledge of post insulator, believe that after you read this article, for this product also post insulator with more understanding, if you are interested in our this product, welcome to call advisory ordering contact us.

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