Post insulator need to choose according to their own needs

by:Mings     2020-05-15

post insulator, it is a use effect is very good, and very superior power equipment products, so the use of this product is very popular? Below small make up take you simply look at the product, we hope the following information, can bring you more help, we together a detailed understanding.

post insulator has a lot of size and fortunately, customers friends can choose according to their needs. And the structure of the product size also has played a very key determinants, this product is used in high voltage transmission line, through the common national transmission required to provide a more reliable guarantee, at the same time, the product by the glass fiber ring epoxy resin rods, silicon rubber umbrella skirt, hardware is made of three parts processing. During the process of using this product has a good ability to limit, at the same time, it's the wind strength is also very high, it is double that of ordinary steel, 5 ~ 8 times of the material, it has a very good dielectric properties, at the same time also played a very superior corrosion resistance effect is a kind of resistance to bending, impact resistant performance is very outstanding product, but also effectively increase the creepage distance and the effect of external insulation products, in the process of using, can be after the vulcanization of high temperature and high pressure, which has played a very good hydrophobic property and corrosion resistance.

related knowledge about post insulator products, small make up today is introduced here. We manufacturer in the production of the product for its monitoring is very strict, so the manufactured product quality is guaranteed, so the product is very popular with people, if you need, to call to order.

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