- post insulator rupture reason analysis Summary of post insulator, high voltage insulator, composite insulator, lightning protection pillar insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-04
1, summary of post insulators and post insulator breaker electrical equipment is an important equipment of substation operation, and support the role of conductor and insulation. Prevent post insulator rupture accident is the key work over the years I plant, power grid to avoid post insulator rupture accident also put forward higher requirements, power grid caused by post insulator rupture failure occurs frequently, the widely effective, loss is big, our factory have occurred several post insulator rupture accident, breaker great threat to the safe operation, the fracture reason is mainly due to the post insulator aging root mechanical intensity is abate, and post insulator breaker broken accident after local damage caused. Post insulator ultrasonic testing technology is a new technology developed in recent years, the introduction of this technology can help identify local post insulator damage, to prevent the operation of the post insulator rupture suddenly is of great significance, is to eliminate the post insulator rupture accidents a feasible method. 2, post insulator rupture reason post insulator is mainly composed of clay, feldspar, quartz and other aluminum silicate original mix preparation, processing into a certain shape, burn in the heat of inorganic insulation materials, covered with a layer of glass insulator surface smooth thin layer of glaze. Post insulator degradation is influenced by many factors, both with manufacturers choose materials, formula, process flow, and operation environment, and also in the operation of the electric load resistance even under the effect of external force. If post insulator improper formula in the process of production, technological process of raw materials mixing unevenly, roasting and inadequate firepower, is easy to form post insulator hygroscopicity porosity. And structure is not reasonable, or forming error, unequal stress, also can make the inner stresses in the pillar insulator, crack, air gap causes the post insulator, and degradation. General post insulator is by using a powder raw material molding, sintering. Through the process of post insulator, is made up of many microcrystal gathered polycrystal, it is inevitable there is a grain boundary. Grain boundary not only play an important role in the process of sintering post insulator, but also has a great influence on the sinter chemical and physical properties. Microstructure of post insulator is made up of microcrystalline, grain boundary and grain boundary precipitates holes, grain, grain boundary precipitates, grain pores, etc. Constitute the main component of post insulator crystallite size, generally by 1 micron to dozens of micrometers, crystallographic axis is arbitrary, microcrystalline diameter and particle diameter of raw materials, impurities, sintering conditions. A ceramic grain boundary fault, such as empty hole lattice defects and lattice distortion exists. Easy to focus so impurities, the formation of grain boundary segregation layer, layer deposition, etc. Will generally in the grain boundary segregation of impurity ions formed by layer called the grain boundary segregation, grain boundary segregation layer thickness from 20 to 1 micron. Making post insulator, general with cement as binder. Cement itself after absorbing water and CO2, the volume will be bigger, cement after absorbing water, also can be repeated freezing and thawing, prompt post insulator degradation. Dry, condensation and cement, not only can form hygroscopicity porosity, and will produce a lot of cracks. When the environment temperature change occurs, post insulator will face a big test. For example, the summer sun, suddenly the heavy rain, all the parts of the post insulator to bilge shrink at the same time, the local position of post insulator ( If the head) Will be under a lot of mechanical stress, and even make porcelain cracking. At this point, if the volume of post insulator is larger, the structure is complex, the possibility of cracking and severity. Long-term operating experience shows that the quality is bad, the backbone of the insulator in the summer, especially under strong sunlight fell sharply again after the heavy rain weather, the degradation rate of post insulator is often several times higher than in winter. Also, by direct sunshine, get wet in the rain by a multi-layer pin type upper porcelain skirt and head of post insulator and binding part of the insulator is post insulator is the part of the degradation rate is higher. Post insulator damage and fracture of many factors, mainly has: the quality of the product is not high, defect products. In some cases, the inferior or to old filling the new product, don't get no quality assurance. For specific performance, cracks, slag inclusion, sandwich, porosity, etc. , in the inside stress cracks and expand under the action of concealment. Damage to packaging, transportation and installation. Post insulator running under the bad environment, electrical porcelain, the expansion coefficient between concrete and cast iron flanges have differences, otherwise the cause of temperature difference, cause craze. Operating stress and the stress is too large to install and operate 'frequent, cause fracture of post insulator. 【 On a message: the degradation characteristics and measures of HTV silicone rubber insulator 】 【 Under a message: the classification of the silicone rubber composite insulator, outdoor cable accessories with insulator 】
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