Post insulators in lightning protection principle and performance

by:Mings     2020-04-28
With the development of distribution circuit and wiring insulation, the traditional design, due to the deficiency of insulation lines have lightning resisting level, it is difficult to bear the role of direct thunder or lightning, lightning strike, porcelain insulator to blow up has become a new problem of the electric power. Main measures of lightning protection of overhead distribution lines at home and abroad are: the erection of overhead ground wire, pliers clamping insulator installation, install over-voltage protector in the post insulator, load side arc hardware. But the existing technology has the following defects: investment cost is larger, complex construction installation, need to remove insulation, cause core line into the water and corrosion, porcelain insulator umbrella skirt for arc melt, affected by the side of ring network power supply load changes, etc. Lightning protection pillar insulator is a new composite structure of seal products, take the first blocked unblock design concept, to enhance the insulation performance and the impurity level, suitable for overhead line insulation support, but also prevent the overhead insulated wire lightning strike, porcelain insulator to blow up, and to reduce lightning trip protection function. Lightning protection pillar insulator principle when lightning surge more than insulation blocking a certain value, the lightning protection pillar between arc rod and steel foot cause flashover discharge, form a short-circuit channels, in place of power frequency arc is burning on the discharge gap, in order to protect the wires from being burned. Composite insulator used in insulated wire have targeted electricity function, also install the construction is very convenient and reliable, does not need to strip away insulation wire core can be averted by water and corrosion, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators. Because of the post insulator and the arc hardware together ( Equipotential) , from the ring network power supply load side ( Deviate from the power supply side) Impact, more make the line is concise and beautiful and greatly reduces the cost. Lightning protection pillar insulator reliable performance, less investment, have been big, prevent overhead insulated wire for electric power department lightning strike provides an economic and efficient way. 【 On a message: the design and manufacture of composite insulator 】 【 The next message: what is a lightning protection insulator strain clamp 】
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