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by:Mings     2020-07-15

AnWei power company small make up today bring you power cable fault distance test problems and deal with knowledge of the content of the fifth period, this period of power cable fault testing error of common problem has four aspects, hoping to help you, if you want to know about the previous problems and handling of power cable fault distance testing, welcome to click on the portal of the previous period, the problems and processing of power cable fault distance test ( The fourth period) '

the test error

flash instrument is a rough cable fault distance measuring equipment, the main source of its test error has the following several aspects.

1) instrument error. Tester LCD 1024 X 640 pixels, Min readout resolution of 0. 67 m, the error is very small, so the instrument itself is negligible.

(2) the velocity error. Due to waves in the cable ( Equivalent for the long term) The propagation velocity is associated with the insulation of the cable, so different dielectric cable, the radio waves propagation speed is different. Is the same cable, due to differences in the manufacturing process or aging condition, the wave propagation speed is not entirely the same. Instrument of pre-existing several speed is average, in the testing work, first regulated speed, in order to more accurate.

3. Measurement error. With flash instrument test cable fault distance, measured data is the point of failure to test the actual cable length, and measurement of the cable reserved allowance, natural curve, obstacle avoidance factors such as it is difficult to estimate accurately. Therefore, the measurement of distance is always less than the instrument testing distance. In fact, the measurement error is the main source of error.

(4) take the error. When fault test end point distance is close, the test waveform in the reflection wave more intense; In fault test end point distance is far, the test waveform distortion, inflection point is smooth or not obvious. In both cases, to move the cursor to accurately reflected wave characteristics of turning points is difficult. Visible cursor take improper will bring certain error to the test results, especially under the compression waveform, the test error will increase.

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