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by:Mings     2020-07-13

we in yesterday's article introduces to determine whether a point of failure flash-over breakdown discharge in two ways, of course, in the process of daily power cable accessories products processing production, the manufacturer will meet two problems far more mentioned yesterday. Let us now go yesterday to do a added, the content of the article will then content yesterday to explain the three problems and handling of power cable fault distance test, hope to help you.

( 1) Point of failure to produce secondary discharge

in the actual tests, some point of failure, for some reason in a test process middle three twice ( Or more than two) Flashover discharge, make the test waveform becomes more complicated. Secondary into electricity phenomenon, is usually caused by impulse voltage is too high, can reduce the impact of cabin pressure, to measure the ideal waveform.

( 2) Multipoint fault discharge at the same time

in the actual test, sometimes there is a phase of fault cable, there are two ( Two or more The situation of the fault. For this kind of failure flash-over way test, often there will be two ( Or more) Fault point discharge phenomenon at the same time. In general, the test is close to end of discharge waveforms of fault point, fault point behind the reflection wave for the front arc short circuit fault point has been discharge, but can't reach test end. But is also likely to be relatively close to the point of failure without completely short circuit by plasma arc, so that the measured waveform is more complex, is a superposition of the two synthesis of reflection wave. The wave by wave superposition principle is analyzed.

the multipoint stacking fault waveform, if difficult to analyze and measure the fault distance, can change the test parameters make multipoint fault breakdown out of sync, one by one point of failure test respectively.

( 3) Discharge delay time is too long

direct flash method is used to test cable fault, there is no discharge delays. Flash method adopted in cable fault test, produce the discharge delay problems. Due to the fault point discharge delay time is too long, often cause misjudgment of no discharge.

fault point discharge delay time is long, will not affect the coarse result of fault distance. But the point of failure have greatly influenced the tip. Improve the impulse voltage will significantly shorten the fault point discharge delay time.

well, today is the second phase of power cable fault distance problems in testing and handling of share here, be there or be square tomorrow. If you are cold cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories problems still have doubts or want to consult our products, can click on the top right of the home page to contact us, we are looking forward to your advice.

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