Power cable several environmental aging mechanism analysis interpretation authority cable accessories manufacturers for you

by:Mings     2020-06-29

( 1) Cable insulation is influenced by environmental conditions appear decoloring

in the operation of the overhead cables in the sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, ozone action in its insulation appear decoloring, this is a relatively common form of cable insulation aging, an aging performance to be mild. Decolorizing although the cable obstruction is not big, but it is the forerunner of cable insulation aging further. To make the cable insulation without further aging, should strengthen the maintenance and adopt measures to prevent sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, reducing its decoloring phenomenon, is also the maintenance should not be neglected.

( 2) Power cable in water tree failure

in terms of polyethylene insulated cable, its resistance to water than in oil immersed paper insulated cable, rubber cable, water resistance of nylon cable are good, but once water into conductor, cable core in the process of cable transmission operation, under the action of electromagnetic, water will be from within the extension of dendritic, and then cause the cable insulation breakdown, often call this kind of breakdown phenomenon of water tree. Water tree phenomenon often happens in high pressure, large capacity of power cables. It emphasize LanGou inside can't maintain in the water, bridge cable tray must be sealed.

( 3) Cable sulfide tree failures,

the sulfide of the cable fault tree is due to the cable laying environment around the presence of sulfide, such as hydrogen sulfide aqueous solution, it can be through the polyethylene insulation and oil immersed paper insulated cable sheath and insulation layer, through the conductor of the cable conductor. Such as the cable core conductor for copper, copper and sulfur produces chemical reaction, will produce the black corrosion, such as sulphide and copper. As these corrosion, constantly increase and converged on the core conductor, and then presents the dendritic throughout the insulating layer, and then make the cable insulation breakdown.

cable caused by sulfide producing vulcanization process with electromagnetic intensity is in the tree, so this kind of failure phenomenon is almost non-existent in the high voltage power cables, only in the low voltage power cables, control and signal cable, and because of this a few kinds of cable insulation thickness is thinner, the sulfuration lead to destruction of insulation and breakdown time shorter than the water tree high voltage cable fault, a vote for laying operation only appeared in a few years sulfide and breakdown tree. Petrochemical industrial cable running life shorter than the other environment.

( 4) Cable hardening, cracking, softening or dissolve

cable insulation hardening, cracking and softening or dissolved, are another cable aging concrete embodiment. Also can see, it only in a specific environment aging factors and cable sheath material. In the case of a plastic cable PE sheathed chemical stability than poly (ethylene sheathed good catch. But in the presence of stress, when the PE sheathed in surfactant ( Such as detergent) , will produce the so-called environmental stress, make the cable insulation cracking, and can avoid in the PVC sheathed, thus explained the selection of cable sheath should adjust measures to local conditions, should choose according to the environmental conditions.

that's several environmental aging mechanism analysis on power cable, if you have more demand power cables and cable accessories and other products, welcome to contact, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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