Power pin insulator performance

by:Mings     2020-07-03
The basic properties of the insulator including electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. In addition, there is resistance to the environment and aging performance. Electric performance: (1) along the surface of insulation of destructive discharge called flashover, insulator flashover characteristics is the main electrical performance. The withstand voltage requirements for different voltage grade, insulator each are not identical, the indicators are dry, wet power frequency withstand voltage, lightning shock pressure, lightning shock wave pressure, impact operating pressure, etc. To avoid a breakdown in the operation, the breakdown voltage is higher than the flashover voltage of insulator. In factory test, generally through the spark test can be breakdown of porcelain insulator, the sparks of high-voltage insulating surface occurs frequently, to maintain a certain period of time, look to whether be breakdown. Also need some insulator corona test, radio interference test, partial discharge test and dielectric loss test, etc. High altitude insulator, make electric intensity drops by air density decreased, therefore, the withstand voltage conversion to standard atmospheric conditions should be increased accordingly. Polluted insulator flashover voltage of be affected with damp be affected with damp is much lower than dry, wet flashover voltage, therefore, impurity region must be reinforced insulation or USES the fouling resistance type insulator, the creepage distance ( Creepage distance and the ratio of the rated voltage) Should be higher than normal type. Dc insulator compared with ac insulator, the electric field distribution is poorer, and the adsorption fouling and electrolysis, flashover voltage is low, have a special structure design and general requirements more creepage distance. (2) mechanical properties: insulator in run by gravity, wind, ice and tension of the wire weight, weight of insulator and conductor vibration, equipment operation mechanical force, short-circuit electrodynamic force, the action of earthquake and other mechanical force. Relevant standards have strict requirements on mechanical properties of regulations. (3) thermal performance: outdoor temperature leaps of insulator requires tolerance ability. Such as porcelain insulator requirements without cracking a few times of psychro-thermal cycles. Insulation casing because of an electric current passes through, its components and the temperature rise of insulated parts and allow the short-time current value must comply with the provisions of the relevant standards.
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