Power station insulator and electrical insulator are the same thing

by:Mings     2020-07-12

plant insulator and electrical insulator is not the same thing, power is not the same type insulator and electrical insulator, first of all, we know that the insulator is roughly classified into four, namely the porcelain insulator, glass insulator, composite insulator and mixed insulator, insulator and inside there is no power station electrical insulator, so, what are these two kinds of insulator, we will talk about in the next articles.

classification according to the use of the classification of the insulator can be divided into three kinds, namely the insulator, electrical insulator for power station, line insulator.

plant insulator can be divided into post insulator and bushing, is mainly used to support and fixed hard bus, and make the bus bar and insulation.

electrical insulator is mainly used to shut off part of the fixed appliances, divide into two kinds, pillar and casing post insulator used for fixed without electric intercepting part closed shell, bushing used for electrical equipment will be closed out particles produced by intercepting lead a hood.

line insulator are mainly used for fixed connection overhead transmission lines and soft bus of outdoor distribution equipment, and make them with insulation.

warm reminder: this post sorting by the insulation column manufacturer.

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