Preparation of the high pressure wear casing wall before use

by:Mings     2020-05-22

when the use of electricity is very broad, in both of our families and in our businesses are not, then for the use of all kinds of electric power equipment also will more and more, today we introduce high pressure wear casing wall is often used in our work of power products, here small make up will bring all of us to learn more products knowledge. High pressure wear casing wall is of vital importance in the use of electric power facilities, especially for all kinds of wall of its action is more important. High pressure wear casing wall is modern electric power facilities in the application of a wide range of product of a kind of insulating material, before the initial design of this product, the main consideration should be given, of course, is the use of its legitimacy and security, so what's the standard in the early design? I consulted with experts in this field with this problem, this is what he introduced. In front of the wall casing design, to be developed oil fields must be accurate address environmental data as the design of the original data. Address environmental data including the distribution of faults and fault dip Angle, structure, texture characteristics of rock, the distribution of the soft layer, such as the thickness of the depth, rock formations in the groundwater flow conditions and the size of the void water pressure, hydraulic fracture properties of rock strata, the groundwater of steel corrosion is serious and so on. According to the formation condition, in the design of the different depth in the period of the formation of casing take different safety factor. High pressure wear casing wall in our electricity work has played a very important role, and the quality of the products produced in our company is very reliable, performance is very stable, has brought the very big security for us, so got a lot of the application of new and old customers. We all can rest assured the choose and buy.

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