Pressure cable core wire nose

by:Mings     2020-07-21
一个。 From the end of the core measure the depth of the length of the nose line, plus 5 mm, stripping cable core insulation, and on the conductor coated with vaseline. b。 Use inside the nose wire core into connection and line pressing nose pliers clamp wiring, crimping hole should be in two or more. Big standard terminal should choose hydraulic pressure machinery. c。 On the basis of the different phase, yellow, green, red, four color separation strips of plastic wrapped cable each conductor to the terminal pressure welding parts of the nose. d。 Will be cable terminal head fixed on the bracket of pre-made cable head, and the conductor space. e. Bolts according to the type of terminal blocks, choose the cable terminal blocks on the device, the pressure to pay attention to should make bolt by on or from inside to outside to wear down, flat pad and spring should be installation is complete.
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