Prevent high voltage insulator pollution flashover method

by:Mings     2020-05-02
High voltage insulator pollution flashover prevention methods in order to prevent pollution flashover in power transmission and transformation equipment, operation, scientific research departments and colleges and universities, has been trying to explore various monitoring and detection methods, trying to know in advance that operation condition of outer insulation of operation, in order to promptly take effective measures to prevent the power outage. The commonly used several methods are as follows: ( l) Site tour. ( 2) The demand of high voltage insulator pollution flashover ( Resistance) Voltage, or flashing, Resistance) The voltage gradient. ( 3) High pressure equivalent attached on the surface of the insulator salt density measurement. ( 4) Measuring high pressure on the surface of the insulator layer conductance. ( 5) High pressure on the surface of the insulator leakage current measurement. Before the two methods is more intuitive, through field tour and the site of high voltage insulator pollution flashover ( Resistance) Voltage measurement, can directly determine the running state of external insulation of high voltage insulator. Three methods, after all is the indirect measuring method. Salt density value size, measure of external insulation surface fouling layer conductivity and leakage current value, and find out the coefficient and the pollution flashover ( Resistance) The relationship between voltage, judge the external insulation ability, decision should take technical measures. 1 site supervising site supervising intuitive, convenient, wide range, power supply departments is to prevent the pollution flashover accident, widely used methods. But inspect results and the inspector experience, quality and other factors, not quantitative, not quite sure, easy to leak. Antifouling flash patrol, often need to arrange in the night and fog, such as drizzle under the wet weather. In northern areas in China, pay special attention to the * after a mist and spring after winter * a rain of the tour. At this time of the tour will often find some weak links of the insulation outside. Patrol discriminant method, it is to listen to discharge sound, 2 it is to see the discharge phenomenon. If equipment in wet weather to devolve electricity sound small and discharge uniformity, no big problem; On the other hand, the discharge is sound and accompanied by & other; Wow peel & throughout; Sound, the discharge is more serious. General should be dealt with. If discharge phenomenon judgment: generally uniformly covered a layer of high voltage insulator surface violet aperture, is not big to the harm of insulation; If the scalability of discharge was yellow red dendritic or yellowish-white local electric arc, the discharge. Timely measures should be taken. Flashing (2 Resistance) And the pollution flashover voltage ( Resistance) The voltage gradient measurement of flashing ( Resistance) And the pollution flashover voltage ( Resistance) The voltage gradient, it is high voltage insulator external insulation ability to resist pollution flashover *, *, important parameters directly. These two parameters its essence is the same, the measuring method in the laboratory or test station the field. Measured in the laboratory run high voltage insulator unclean lightning pressure or lightning pressure gradient, often using sampling method. In certain operating environment in the same or similar high voltage insulator, collecting a number of high voltage insulator, natural pollution in the artificial fog chamber test standards, artificial fog pollution flashover ( Resistance) Voltage test, high voltage insulator samples of getting corrupt lightning small value and standard deviation, average pressure, * * big corrupt or calculate the sample pressure value, so as to estimate the similar composite insulator in the same operating conditions of pollution flashover resistance and countermeasures must be taken. This method, need a high voltage power supply capacity is larger and a meet the test standard of artificial climate chamber. Site is bad operation, often in the experimental unit of the power sector when considering the need for a batch of batch test, or analysis of pollution flashover accident, it is necessary to adopt fouling lightning pressure experiment was carried out. Field measurement of high voltage insulator the unclean lightning pressure or lightning pressure gradient, mainly in the impurity in the test station. Its main purpose is to provide the basis for impurity external insulation selection, namely can actually cases of high voltage insulator and the pros and cons of each type of high voltage insulator pollution resistant order, direct insulation level is given. Can also use this method to run in the same high voltage insulator under similar environment monitoring, estimated running high voltage insulator's actual ability to resist pollution flashover in the same situation. 【 On a message: high voltage insulator equivalent salt density measurement method of 】 【 The next message: high voltage insulator materials with different parameters and performance comparison 】
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