Regular cleaning the effective guarantee the insulation insulation column column good running state

by:Mings     2020-07-17

overhead power distribution line cleaning work content is the insulation of the column.

。 Regular cleaning work properly insulating column

B. Insulation column cleaning cycle is usually once every six months

C. Determine the appropriate cleaning times

D. Insulation column cleaning cycle is usually once a year.

case description:

datong moved west constructed by tube daqin, cao two lines in the coastal areas, more than 50000 series, insulation column every year because of the pollution flashover caused by tripping accidents have occurred. To this end, the period of a scientific arrangement cleaning cycle, corrosion resistant insulation column, adopt efficient irrigation combined with concentrated battle, insulation column reduce the failure rate.

this section insulation column base parameter, sets up the pollution produced the insulation column pollution survey base parameter record, according to the insulation column pollution situation determines the tube power supply equipment cleaning cycle, each section has been clear about the catenary insulation column cleaning requirements and acceptance criteria. Their early research, carried out on the key section of power supply security risk to adjacent workshop methods of joint operations, hire a professional cleaning team, once every six months on insulation column mass concentration and thorough cleaning, ensure insulation column used in good condition.

in order to improve the ability to resist pollution flashover insulation column, this segment after many research and test, found that the composite silicone rubber insulated column the strong ability of anti pollution flashover, suitable for installed in coastal and heavy pollution extent. Their organization capable force in coastal areas to replace composite silicone rubber insulation column 9039, effectively reduce the trip accident frequency, eliminated large flashover accident hidden danger, fundamentally improve the quality of the use of the power supply equipment. This year, the period also widely use the saturated steam cleaning machine and other advanced equipment, according to the pollution degree and different material insulating column features, take the saturated dry steam, wet steam, wet steam cleaners cleaning method, not only reduce the labor intensity, but also significantly enhance cleaning ability, antifouling flash level.

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