Replace the rod insulator method

by:Mings     2020-07-21

must be a power outage sealing line first, good earthed on both ends of the functional group, work leaders inform crew assignments.

and then began to replace the crew way ( A straight line or curve) To replace the bracket pillars, ( With all inspection car can arrive early operation after line closed place) Homework personnel with small rope and rope ladders workbench, match the ladders and supporting personnel will hoist rope hook and wire sleeve, large sheave hung on carrier cable respectively, and the top pillar ( For song, ladder car workers in large rope with ground support staff will be two fir rod respectively against the wrist arm suspension point carrier cable and anchor wire, respectively, for the carrier cable and cable force.

it is important to note: if use all inspection car operations, workers will all check the car first hand gear shaft rod sticking to anchor point lead, pull the locator discharge power, remove the positioning device, reoccupy heald inspection car special plunger according to qu outside or inside the direction choice plunger top bracket suspension point the direction of the carrier cable, but the carrier cable by using the method of heald inspection car platform jacking, every saddle on which the carrier cable out of the hook is advisable.

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