Replacing insulator must do these safety measures

by:Mings     2020-07-06

insulator due to aging or other factors causing damage or zero value, it must be replaced, but in the change, it is important to note that completes the safety measures, this paper compiled the following need to be aware of safety measures in the change. Should check is good, the mechanical tools and materials used in loading and unloading of whole new bracket to make the measures to prevent new porcelain insulator damage. All the operation team members should be clear division of labor, operation personnel to operate strictly according to operation procedure. Aerial work personnel are strictly prohibited high-altitude fall. Operation process strictly implement a system of rope bag. Workers removing parts to analyze stress distribution, to confirm the parts first uninstall rear can remove. When using cedar pole assignment, you must tie at the top, with large rope will fir stick and ladder and the ground supporting members cooperate with each other, support personnel to verify fir rod at the bottom of the solid, stress is good, take a pull, a way to built the fir rod. Fir rod slip, deflection phenomenon, they shall not take well to prevent the invasion of adjacent line margin of safety measures. Heald inspection car is confirmed when using special plunger plunger, stable and reliable, and at the bottom of the stress in the right direction, to prevent slippage. Should slow rise all inspection car platform. All inspection car operations forbidden rotation operation platform.

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