Sharing among 10 kv single core crosslinking cable thermal shrinkage head craft

by:Mings     2020-06-26

in this article, to share among 10 kv single core crosslinking cable thermal shrinkage head production process, we take a look at the following:

1. Straightening cable

the cable alignment, overlapping 200 - on both ends After confirmed joint center, 300 mm in the center of sawing. Pay attention to clean on both ends of the cable outer sheath 2 m long.

2。 Cutting copper shield

from the wire core cut off from each side measuring 260 mm, with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) since the cat take temporary fixed strip copper shield. Pay attention to the incision should be flush, there shall not be sharp corners.

3。 Cutting outer semiconductive layer

on hold from the copper shield incision within 70 mm of semi-conducting layer, the rest of the strip. Pay attention to the incision should be flush, leaving no remnants ( Use detergent to clean insulating layer surface) , do not hurt the main insulation layer.

4。 Fixed the stress control tube

temporary fixed tape stripping, lap 50 mm semiconductive layer, and from that point on fixed heating. Note heating flame in the direction of the contraction, soft hard moderate and constantly rotating, moving.

5。 Winding and waterproof sealant

in stress pipe front surrounding the waterproof sealant, the steps to form a smooth transition.

6。 Set into the pipe

will be sealed to protect casing, insulating tube, pipe and shielding copper network on both ends of cable set in advance. Notice shall not be missed.

7。 Stripping the insulation layer

online core end to remove 1/2 over long and 5 mm of the main insulation layer. Pay attention to conducting wire core shall not be hurt.

8。 Cutting cone reaction force

independent insulation fracture place take 40 mm, cut into 35 mm long cone, keep 5 mm inner semiconductive layer. Pay attention to demand cone round.

9。 Pressure after taking over

the cable are pressure followed over, 2 on both ends of the pressure. The cutting edges, burrs, attention should be removed after pressure to pit application half filled conductive belt.

10。 Winding and semi-conducting belt

with semi conductive belt bridge connecting tube of the pit, and ends with the inner semiconductive layer of the cable lap. Pay attention to around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

11。 Winding and ordinary filling glue

in the reaction force at the ends of the connecting pipe between the cone winding and ordinary filling glue or J - 20 insulating tape around the package outside diameter should be slightly bigger than the cable diameter ( Thickness of about 7 mm) 。 Pay attention to around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

12。 Fixed pipe

pipe in installation, symmetry between the stress control tube on both ends and started in the middle of the heating contraction fixed. Pay attention to the fire in the direction of the contraction, banning the use of fire, heat shrinkage flame should revolve and move. When winter construction, the inner need to preheat beforehand.

13。 Winding and waterproof sealant

on both ends of pipe in the steps of winding and waterproof sealant, make a smooth transition steps. Pay attention to around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

14。 Winding and semi-conducting belt

on waterproof sealant shinohara covered a layer of conductive tape, joints on both ends of the pipe and cable outer semiconducting layers, not less than 20 mm. Pay attention to around the cladding shall be continuous and smooth surface.

15。 Installation shielding copper network

with copper wire will be shielded copper mesh tied at one end on the copper cable shielding layer, along the direction of the joint stretch tighten copper network, to make it close to on the insulating tube to cable joint at the other end of the copper shield, with copper wire after the flip up and back to the original end fastened the bronze. Then at both ends to plunge into filaments of brass and copper shield weld. Attention to plunge into silk of not less than 2, welding surface not less than 1/3 of the circumference of a circle, solder joint and the firm should handle the flat wire head, there should be no sharp corners and burrs.

16。 Fixed seal protection casing

will seal sleeves to joint in the middle of the, and from the middle of the seal to protect casing to heat shrink on both ends. Pay attention to the seal should be polished in advance and glue, glue the width not less than 100 mm.

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