Should strengthen the management of the quality of composite insulator, composite insulator quality management method

by:Mings     2020-05-05
Should strengthen the management of the quality of composite insulator under normal circumstances, in order to eliminate accidents in time, the operation department need to monitor the quality of composite insulator on a regular basis. * * specified in the related standards, lose, substation equipment insulation pollution level division should consider dirty wet characteristics, operating experience and combined with its surface unclean salt close to determine. In the above three factors, salt is one * can quantitative parameters. Production and processing of composite insulator according to certain quality inspection standards and quality target production and processing, ensure that can create more value in the use of the product, for different industry users to provide more convenience and benefits. Composite insulator quality management objectives: product 100% qualified. Composite insulator production quality management approach 1, determine the process flow of composite insulator, clear responsibilities every process; 2, to fully process test, determine the details of production process in each process, to ensure that: according to the measurement of salt in the monitoring, guide the cleaning cycle of the transmission line. Thus, salt density measurement of production and the safety of the power sector, has the extremely important significance. A: and technical documents for production fully, effective, conform to the requirements of the technical conditions; And the integrity and adaptability of technical documents for review. B: make sure quality inspection content, inspection specifications. And the content, specification and quality control ability to review, to ensure product quality control; 3, production preparation, inspection: for raw materials, production equipment, inspection equipment and personnel condition; At the moment, lose, external insulation configuration of substation equipment principle is according to the customer based on GB/T16434 execution, and according to the examination and approval of fouling distinguish layout adjustment in a timely manner. Authorized fouling distinguish layout, drafting and revision is the important basis of sorting, analysis of the calendar year salt density measurement data. 4, and process control: according to the composite insulator manufacturing process quality control to control execution; 5, standard samples, inspection with standard samples should be inspected regularly. External insulation performance of power transmission and transformation equipment for safe operation of power grid has a significant impact. Extensive use of composite insulator in power system, its surface contamination and be affected with damp be affected with damp will seriously affect the electrical properties of composite insulator, endanger the safety of power network. With large area pollution flashover accidents nationwide regional power grid, power sector due to the huge economic loss and social influence, the power grid for power transmission and transformation equipment insulation on a large scale of antifouling flash renovation, make the running line insulation level was improved. However, with the improvement of power grid capacity, transmission voltage grade, especially of further deterioration of the air environment, grid antifouling flash work situation is still very grim. 【 On a message: the detection of high voltage insulator and environmental requirements of operation on the spot 】 【 The next message: the existing problems in the development of composite insulator industry and development opportunity.
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