Sichuan electricity will throw 9. 5 billion raise the level of aba Tibetan area power grid

by:Mings     2020-07-15
< P> on November 22, the state grid electric power company and aba prefectural state convened in aba prefecture of sichuan province 'twelfth five-year' national-level power grid planning. Company general manager, vice secretary of party committee in sichuan Wang Shuxiang, secretary of the aba prefectural shi tuan, prefectural committee and the state of the CPC committee of sasac GuYunLong, prefectural committee and executive vice governor zhao ping, vice general manager of Hu Baichu principal and company related department, unit, aba related unit principal responsible person to attend the meeting. < / P> < P> in the meeting, in his remarks, Wang Shuxiang first welcomed the shi tuan one line to the company. And the '11th five-year plan' aba power grid development and reconstruction is the main achievement has carried on the brief review. In view of the 'twelfth five-year' aba grid development overall mentality and planning focus, Wang Shuxiang pointed out that according to the committee of the state government proposed the 'GDP grew by an average of 28%, to 2015 reached 50 billion yuan,' the planning objectives, we preliminary forecast, 'twelfth five-year' aba power supply and power supply load average annual growth rate of 30% and 27. 9%, far higher than the entire province average level, to power in 2015 to 15. 1 billion KWH, maximum load of 2. 72 million kilowatts. < / P> < P> Wang Shuxiang stressed that to meet the needs of aba prefecture of economic and social development by leaps and bounds, 'twelfth five-year' period, the company will in the aba power grid planning a total investment of 95. 1. 5 billion yuan. Planning focus on accelerating process of aba is a 220 kv and above ZhuWangJia construction, enhance hydropower capacity and security of power to be delivered to the outside; 2 it is to speed up the implementation of county power network engineering and without electricity power construction, improve the level of county power grid security and stability, and strive to solve the problem of 'isolated net' and 'WuDianHu'; 3 it is to advance the rural power grid upgrading, improve the distribution network structure, the masses of farmers and herdsmen to improve the quality of farmers and herdsmen electricity. < / P> < P> shi tuan positive performance of the state on the company social responsibility, political interests work style to give high praise. And strengthen support Tibetan areas in recent years companies thinking action said full affirmation and heartfelt thanks. Shi jun three opinions, it is the hope aba power resources to draw, can easily; 2 it is to hope that aba 'twelfth five-year' power grid planning and aba in accord development ideas; Three is the aba will set up special service team fully, promote the power grid construction work. Shi said, aba will fully support the development of the company to conduct a new round of large power grid, to ensure that the power grid construction is completed. ( XinWen) < / P>
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