Simple introduced the working principle of surge arrester

by:Mings     2020-05-22
Under normal condition in the power system, system working under rated voltage, voltage deviation is small, all the electrical equipment works well, but the system was struck by lightning, the condition of fault, system voltage will be increased a lot, the grid voltage high several times and even more for the normal voltage, under the situation of all system equipment insulation will not accept, the breakdown and damage, and lightning arrester will come in handy. Under normal conditions, the lightning arrester is equivalent to a big resistance, dormant, once the system overvoltage, activate immediately into the work state, instantly turning himself into a conductor release high voltage to the earth, and to prevent the system voltage continues to rise, maintenance equipment and personal peace, this paper describes the working principle of lightning arrester and selection using way. How is the lightning arrester is lightning? , the working principle of zno arrester and using lightning arrester can effectively maintain power equipment, once appear abnormal voltage, lightning arrester, maintenance. When the maintenance equipment operating under normal working voltage, lightning arrester will not produce effect, as a break for air. Once the present high voltage, and endanger the maintenance of equipment insulation, lightning arrester action immediately, the high voltage surge current leads to the earth, and the limiting voltage amplitude, maintenance of electrical equipment insulation. After the overvoltage dies, lightning arrester swiftly restore restore, can make the system normal power supply. Lightning arrester through parallel discharge gap or is the main purpose of the role of nonlinear resistance, the invasion activity waves stop cutting, reduce overvoltage by maintenance equipment by value, thus to maintain the function of power equipment. Lightning arrester not only can be used for protective atmosphere of high voltage, also can be used for protection of high voltage operation.
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