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by:Mings     2020-06-23

Hi, and meet you again! In this article power company, small make up to the popular science knowledge of cable accessories. Power cable accessories ( English name: Cable Accessories) Is the connecting cable and transmission and distribution lines and related distribution equipment products, generally refers to the middle of the cable line in all kinds of cable connection and the terminal connection, it with the cable together form the electricity transmission network; Cable accessories mainly, according to the features of the cable structure, can not only recover the performance of the cable, and ensure the extension of the length of the cable and terminal connection. The reliability of high voltage cable accessory can from electrical performance, sealed moisture-proof performance, mechanical property and performance evaluation. 1, how to see through the line voltage grade? For ordinary people not majored in electric power, how to distinguish with the naked eye of different voltage grade? The more insulator piece number, the higher the voltage grade. At an altitude of 1000 meters and the following areas, operating over-voltage and lightning overvoltage requirements under different voltage grade of suspension insulator string on the number of not less than insulator piece are: 7, 110 kv, 220 kv, 13, 17, 330 kv, 500 kv, 25, 750 kv and 32 pieces. Watch tower, line of high voltage grade line need more safe distance, to be very high, and only can afford tower dozens of tons of lines. In addition, the higher the voltage grade, lead the greater the vertical distance from top to bottom, and the higher off the ground. Simple and effective: watch tower card tower above brand line voltage grade. Generally one is at the beginning of 110 kv, two is the beginning of the 220 kv, and so on, at the beginning of may is 500 kv. Which a few parts 2, transmission line routing? Transmission lines must be strange to you, in the steel city in the forest, in a country lane, we often can see a lot of power transmission towers and poles. In fact, they are professional term overhead power line. At present, the transmission and overhead line USES mostly rural power distribution lines. Overhead line: conductor and insulator, hardware, tower and its foundation, the ground wire and grounding device, etc. Conductor: conduction current, it is the basic part of the line. Insulator: when the wires in the conduction current, keep three phase between each other insulation, and insulation. Tower: it is to set up wire, in order to make wire to ground and have a certain distance between three phase. Hardware: connection conductor and insulator, metal accessories to install them on the tower. Wire: prevent thunder directly down on the wire. Grounding device: connect the ground wire with the soil, the lightning current into the ground. In fact, in addition to our everyday can see overhead power line, and there are many underground cable. Cable covers an area of small, reliable transmission, strong anti-jamming capability, but ordinary people is hard to see one? 3, why often see different shapes of transmission tower? Tower type related to many factors, such as voltage, back, types and installation, ground wire, etc. In ordinary people's view, the difference of intuitive or tower shape. According to China's power transmission tower design specification, our country's power transmission tower in accordance with the tower type mainly can be divided into glass tower, the cat head type tower, dry type tower, drum tower, etc. Glass type tower is usually used for 110 kv and above voltage level of transmission lines, especially suitable for heavy ice or more minefield. The cat head type tower is 110 kv and above voltage grade of transmission lines tower type. Its advantage is that can effectively save line corridors. Dry type tower, due to its working situation clearly direct, economic and practical, so mainly used as tension and corner towers, is 220 kv and above tower type commonly used voltage grade of transmission lines. Double drum tower is the commonly used tower dual-circuits power tower type, wire drum arrangement and thus named. Suitable for ice heavier area, can avoid conductor ice jumping off the touch line flashover accident. Why so many points voltage grade? Electric power industry development initial period, power plants generally built in the vicinity of power users. With the expansion of power production scale and the load center, the transmission capacity is becoming more and more big, the voltage will be higher and higher. In our country, the grid voltage grade generally divided into high pressure, ultra-high pressure and ultra-high pressure. Ac voltage grade, the high pressure refers to the 110 kv and 220 kv; Ultra-high pressure refers to the 330 kv, 500 kv and 750 kv; Uhv refers to 1000 kv. Dc voltage grade, ultra-high pressure refers to the plus or minus plus or minus two 500 kv and 660 kv, uhv refers to + 800 kv. The 1000 kv ac voltage has become a national standard nominal voltage. Ok, small make up today to share in the first! You have any questions about cable accessories can give small make up comment. Can also be consulting: 18156768781 recommend reading the attachment cable fire prevention measures that something '

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