Suspension insulator product performance and function

by:Mings     2020-05-05
Suspension insulator product profile of the product performance and function suspension insulator suspension insulator is suitable for overhead line, connect the overhead insulated wire or bare wires on the tension rod or Angle pole hardware, thus the overhead conductor tension and insulation, and lightning protection effect. Suspension insulator suspension on the electric line, at the right end of the suspension insulator is low potential, then in the suspension insulator on each form an air gap between the high and low voltage electrode, mainly used to provide lightning flashover channel and arc discharge, the voltage is lower than insulator ontology, ontology and must first and insulator flashover before action, make the lightning drainage, protection of suspension insulator and wires. When overhead insulated by direct lightning or induction lightning distribution power grid, the suspension insulator on each arc bar provides the air gap action before you can be in the insulator flashover discharge, provides a lightning flashover channel, set up in the thunder lightning winding channel and power frequency arc or single phase short circuit current of arc root, can only be fixed on the arc rod with high and low voltage electrode, and does not flow string into suspension insulator ontology or wires, thereby avoiding the insulator umbrella group of burn, and even burn out the phenomenon of insulated wires. Suspension insulator has the technology to meet the international standard line insulator, composite insulator to improve various performance indicators, and will try to block discharge, in the case of jams don't live again in channel way to lightning protection. Suspension insulator and the arc hardware is becoming one, to be able to hang on the taut power distribution circuit, it is relative to the pole can be installed in a horizontal tension, also can hang the vertical tension on line support, has great economical and practical. Suspension insulator arc rod can provide multiple power frequency arc ablation, reliable performance, can effectively prevent damage of suspension insulator due to lightning strike and insulated wires lightning strike accident. Among them, the suspension insulator mandrel on both ends of the shape of end fittings can need according to the electric line connection, changing its shape, to facilitate the connection of the insulator on. 【 On a message: the application of composite suspension insulator and pin type insulator and characteristics 】 【 The next message: production process and product characteristics of composite insulator 】
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