Suspension insulator quality detection method is introduced

by:Mings     2020-05-04
Suspension insulator quality inspection method of high-voltage lines disc hanging porcelain insulator ( Ordinary) For the insulation of high voltage overhead power transmission and distribution lines and fixed for conductor, general assemble insulator string on a line for different voltage level. Inferior insulator tester is mainly used for the ac line 35 kv ~ 500 kv line tower insulator string measurement, inferior insulator tester by numerical measure voltage distribution, to check out the degradation of insulator, can reduce power system accidents, improve the security of the power supply circuit protection. Insulator electric meter can measure the distribution of high voltage insulator pressure. To detect circuit zero or inferior insulator. When insulator charged tester distribution voltage value equal to or close to zero, and less than 3 kv below. It can be considered to be zero or inferior insulator detector. Normal suspension insulator is applicable to general areas, such as increasing suspension insulator piece number can also improve the pollution flashover performance. Intelligent insulator detector is testing instrument of power system, it is mainly used for high voltage transmission line insulator, and substation insulator on-line detection. The operation is simple, convenient and applicable, can be charged online ( Or no charge) Quantitatively detect the resistance value of each piece of insulator, completely solve the problems of power grid insulator on-line detection and overcome the disadvantages of traditional testing methods to quantify. At the same time also can use the detector to collect testing data to establish the high voltage grid insulation safety early warning information system and the maintenance evaluation system, realize information management in power grid for science. Hanging by the porcelain, porcelain insulator iron cap and steel legs with no less than 525 Portland cement, quartz sand cement gel pack. Iron cap and steel foot contact with cement surface coating a layer of thin buffer layer, steel legs at the top of the elastic cushion. General paint with white glaze, brown glaze on the surface of the porcelain, also can draw other glaze according to need. All surface heat zinc iron cap and steel feet. Ball of push-pull type elastic locking pin with W type and R type two kinds of type, are made of austenitic stainless steel, brass, tin bronze, elasticity and good anticorrosion, tear open outfit is convenient. Groove type connection of cylindrical and hump shape split pin, the former heat on the surface of zinc, which is made of brass. The elastic locking pin, cylinder pin parts and products such as complete sets of supply. The same strength grade of regular and fouling resistance type insulator, use the same size ball and socket connections, can guarantee the swap. Insulator electric meter is a kind of insulator performance and function test equipment, has good effect and value in use. Insulator electric tester can be used as a routine maintenance tools, fast, safe and reliable maintenance insulator, used to check the zero value or inferior insulator, simple operation, suitable for testing charged or uncharged suspension insulator, probe the interior of the insulator is not obvious hidden fault, avoid with the cause of the failures, improve the reliability of power system operation, improve the security of line workers charged operations. 【 On a message: composite insulator analysis and processing method of unknown reason flashover 】 【 The next message: detection of high voltage insulator to the work site and environment requirements 】
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