Suspension insulator string when installation should be consistent with what kind of requirements

by:Mings     2020-07-10

suspension insulator string installation shall meet the following requirements:

a, in addition to the design reason, suspension insulator string should be vertical to the ground, when restricted by condition cannot meet the requirements, can have no more than 5 ° Angle.

2, more detail in parallel, each string tension should be uniform.

three, insulator string combination, join hardware such as bolt, pin and lock pin must be in line with existing national standards, and shall be complete, its wear to be consistent, tension insulator string bowl should be upward, insulator string ball head hanging ring, bowl head hangs Taiwan, locking pin should match each other, etc.

4, spring pin should have enough flexibility, silent pin must be separated, and shall not be broken or crack, it is forbidden to use wire instead.

5, equalizing ring, such as shield ring protection hardware should be installed firmly, position should be correct.

6, insulator string should clear clean before lifting.

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