Suspension insulator, structure and parameters of suspension insulator process characteristics

by:Mings     2020-05-04
Suspension insulator profile, structure and parameters of the suspension insulator are normal, anti-pollution, aerodynamic type, spiral type and dc insulator. To be sure, for the same grade, the same types of insulator, production of different manufacturers, the structure of the insulator may also differ, but their structure parameters should meet the standard requirements. Two different manufacturer production of dc suspension insulator XZP - 300, two factory insulator structure parameters of the same type is the same, the two corresponding structural parameters is insulator, nominal diameter: 400 mm; Body height 195 mm; Creepage distance: 635 mm. Different manufacturers of the same grade insulator body shape, is due to different design ideas. In general, the umbrella insulator set reflects the characteristics of its electric performance, because the suspension insulator works on electrical performance, is the scatter plate. The shape of the main structure parameters (including structure height, nominal diameter, creepage distance Let the cat out of the distance) , surface area, L/H, shape factor, the edge between coefficient and shape coefficient, under the * short distance, the distance between plates/spacing, side edges, surface inclination Angle on the sum of the length and time, etc. These parameters are also finalize the design parameters of insulator. Disc suspension insulator process characteristics of double layer or three layer structure of umbrella fouling resistant insulator creepage distance is large, open umbrella, in the same group of smooth edges, soot formation rate is low, rain or self-cleaning performance is good. Insulator string element structure can improve the list of height and diameter disc using proper wet flashover voltage, so often must shrink insulator head, increase the plate size and shorten the feet. But too short feet and disc diameter are not convenient for live working, under the condition of considering transmission lines ice and get wet in the rain, steel legs are too short umbrella skirt bridge, is easy to make the insulator flashover voltage. Mechanical and electrical damage usually high strength of insulator, the steel cap size is larger, the structure height is higher, therefore, disc diameter should be increased accordingly. Practical experience concluded that flashover of insulator flashover vertical distance and level distance than in 1. 1 - 1. Between the 3 is more suitable. Bell jar type anti-fouling suspension insulator anti-fog from Europe, America and Japan type insulator structure characteristics, do not use umbrella of be affected with damp be affected with damp inside and outside the synchronism and umbrella high inhibitory effect of discharge of the edges, antifouling performance is good, artificial and natural defile the experimental results show that the sludge lightning pressure than normal at the insulator can be improved 20% 50%. The same strength grade of the normal type and dirt resistant insulator made the same size of ball and socket connection, in order to swap. Deng electrical relevant search: high voltage insulator composite insulator 【 On a message: high voltage insulator industry development prospect analysis 】 【 】 the next message: high voltage insulator terms
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