Suspension insulator structure, transmission lines with suspension insulator, suspension insulator according to the classification of umbrella - Ordinary, bell jar type, double, three umbrella

by:Mings     2020-05-04
Suspension insulator suspension insulator structure, generally by the insulation parts ( Such as porcelain, glass) And metal accessories ( Such as steel feet, iron cap, flange, etc. ) Using cement agglutination or mechanical card installed. Insulator it is widely used in electric power system, generally belongs to the external insulation, work under atmospheric conditions. Overhead transmission lines, power plant and substation busbar and all sorts of electric equipment of external electric conductor must be made with the support insulator, and with the earth ( Or ground) Or other potential difference of the conductor insulation. Transmission line with suspension insulator, as one of the important equipment of power transmission lines, shoulders suspension insulator suspension wire and the important task of tower insulation, yueqing xu open electrical co. , LTD. , the production of hanging porcelain insulator used in high pressure around the world, ehv and uhv transmission lines, transmission line safe operation for all countries to provide a reliable guarantee. Hanging porcelain insulator is divided into communication system with insulator and dc system with two kinds of porcelain insulator. High insulation resistance formula and special umbrella and metal accessories of anti-corrosion design satisfy the dc porcelain insulator produced by our company completely HVDC strict requirements of the aging performance of product. A variety of umbrella hanging porcelain insulator structure design for the use of a variety of different parts of the circuit provides a variety of reasonable options. Suspension insulator according to the classification of umbrella type hanging porcelain insulator is to use the umbrella insulator history * a suspension insulator, he has the characteristic of simple structure shape, low cost, choose to use suitable for clean area. They are usually used in ac transmission lines. Bell jar type hanging the umbrella insulator porcelain insulator has a long umbrella edge, the product can realize larger creepage distance, under the umbrella of lumen not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, have high withstand voltage, and is more suitable for the coastal, foggy and damp in saline of ac and dc transmission lines to use. Both in the shape of double, three umbrella insulator products for smooth edges and shape into open umbrella, so its trials and self-cleaning performance is good, natural product pollution rate is low, coupled with the larger creepage distance, make the product has good pollution withstand voltage level, more can play in more dust environment using the superiority of umbrella. The umbrella of the insulator is called & other; The aerodynamic model throughout the &; , they adapt to a variety of operating conditions, especially heavy impurity, high altitude and dry desert region of ac and dc transmission line. Straw hat type which was hanging porcelain insulator umbrella plate special big diameter, umbrella smooth edges, streamlined structure, self-cleaning sex good, small amount of dirt deposition and use is characterized by its penetration in ac and dc line insulator suspension of upper and middle, large diameter disc structure can be used as BingLiu and guano line caused by the pollution flashover. This article is composed of high voltage insulator collected, reprint please indicate the http://www. fxbw4。 com/ 【 In a message: high-voltage lines use composite insulator was compared with the traditional insulator 】 【 The next message: the relative advantages of porcelain insulator, glass insulator the internal structure of glass insulator.
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