Suspension insulator technology and installation

by:Mings     2020-05-04
Suspension insulator technology and installation suspension insulator is mainly used for overhead transmission lines, when used to single insulator according to the circuit of voltage grade of combination of different lengths of insulator string received between wires and tower, insulation and support lead role. Products from porcelain ( Insulation parts) , iron cap and steel components of the feet, through the cement cement bond and become, has the very high tensile failure load and a higher level of internal and external insulation. Porcelain volume resistivity is bigger, the dc resistance excellent performance. Used in low strength grade product performance in practical application of * * bell shaped structure of products, salt fog resistance performance is good, resistance to pollution flashover ability. Porcelain size is larger, the processing difficulty is big, has a high requirement on the production technology and processing equipment. High voltage insulator is mainly by the porcelain ( Insulation parts) , iron cap and steel components of the feet, through the cement cement cementation, the structure can be divided into two parts, the head and umbrella skirt. Has the very high tensile failure load and high levels of internal and external insulation. Runtime sustain tension, system voltage, and a variety of combination of over-voltage of filth, impact, and be able to stay in such an environment for work without damage. Insulator is a mechanical and electrical damage load * main performance index, the size is decided by its head. Head of porcelain porcelain head, iron cap and steel foot by cement cement bond. Conical structure head scientific use of porcelain material compressive strength is far higher than the tensile strength of this characteristic, through the interaction between different components, the iron cap and steel foot by pulling into pressure on porcelain, reach for products & other; High & throughout; The purpose of mechanical and electrical damage strength. Structure design based on porcelain, steel legs, the strength of the iron cap dispersion characteristics, through the optimization analysis and calculation, a reasonable head structure design, select the shape is simple, the intensity of * easy to control the strength of the steel feet to control the head, let the head under tensile, tensile after reaching rating, in the iron cap and steel foot porcelain head was damaged before destruction, the tensile strength of the steel foot is the strength of the head, let the interrelationship between bearing reasonable way, uniform stress distribution, effectively reduce the damage value of dispersion. Insulator insulation * main is a pollution flashover resistance ability. Composite insulator pollution flashover resistance ability of the porcelain umbrella skirt shape, creepage distance, speed and atmospheric environmental factors such as surface area pollution comprehensive effect. Bell shaped umbrella skirt has a relatively developed under the umbrella edges, with larger creepage distance protection, deep umbrella edges be affected with damp be affected with damp is slow, easy to dry, has the inhibitory effect of the development of the electric arc, suitable for insulator in coastal and damp foggy area. With the continuous development of social economy, various industries of electric power demand is higher and higher, the development of uhv transmission network construction become improve the trend of the power level. Uhv transmission backbone network frame of the insulator in China not only created a considerable future market demand, in addition, in the rapid development of foreign electric power such as India * * there is also a potential market space. Suspension insulator installation shall meet the following requirements: one, in addition to the design reason, suspension insulator string should be vertical to the ground, when restricted by condition cannot meet the requirements, can have no more than 5 & deg; The tilt Angle. Second, the insulator in parallel, each string tension should be uniform. Third, suspension insulator string combination, join hardware such as bolt, pin and lock pin must conform to the standard of * *, the and should be complete, its wear to be consistent, tension insulator string bowl should be upward, insulator string ball head hanging ring, bowl head hangs Taiwan, locking pin should match each other, etc. Four, spring pin should have enough flexibility, silent pin must be separated, and shall not be broken or crack, it is forbidden to use wire instead. Five, equalizing ring, such as shield ring protection hardware should be installed firmly, position should be correct. Six, insulator string should clear clean before lifting. 【 On a message: composite insulator and porcelain insulator than advantage where 】 【 The next message: technical improvement of the composite insulator 】
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