Talk about the role of toughened glass insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-19
Glass insulator when the gene mutation, although y loci in the insert the insulator, but lost the insulation effect, y expressed in all tissues. Another loci is mod ( 目标4) , after the onset of the gene mutation, its effect is toughened glass insulator with Su ( Hw) On the contrary, the type of these mutations are strengthened the insulation effect. Make insulator insulation effect no longer has a directional and expanded, which is blocking the strengthening effect of upstream and downstream sides. One explanation for toughened glass insulator first Su ( Hw) With insulator DNA separation, make the insulator has insulation effect. mod( mdg4) With Su ( Hw) Separation, lose insulator insulation effect. Mutation mod ( mdg4) Not with Su ( Hw) Separation of the insulator and strengthen the insulation effect. The working principle of toughened glass insulator: some in the downstream, so the effect of insulator does not depend on the relative position of the insulator with promoter. Thus, cause the direction of the effect of insulator is not really clear. Toughened glass insulator in has found two loci in trans activation ways affect the function of the insulator. Gene S2J ( Hw) Coding of nucleoprotein identify insulator, insulator and its separation after have insulation effect. The principle of toughened glass insulator glass insulator power of toughened glass insulator product structure: product by iron cap, toughened glass pieces of power and steel feet, and cement bond as one of cement. This product adopt advanced cylinder head type structure, its characteristic is the head size is small. Light weight, high strength and creepage interval. Can save metal materials and reduce the cost of wiring. To meet the demand of charged in the cap on the domestic use of traditional structural form.
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