Talk about the working principle of falling type fuse

by:Mings     2020-05-22
Drop type fuse added auxiliary elastic contact and arcing cover, to share the load current. Drop type fuse in normal operation, the fuse tube with the aid of fuse after tensioning constitute a closed position. When attack system fault, fault current makes the rapid fuse fuse, parallel into arc, arc suppression by the arc tube heat, create a large number of gas, inside a high pressure, and intense longitudinal along the pipe blowing, arc hurtling elongated and go out. Blown fuse, lower, under static contact lose tension and release to tighten the fuse tube, falling fuse tube of a significant open position. When demand pull load in insulating rod away dynamic contact, the active, the static contact contact, still continue to pull contact with insulation stick, auxiliary contacts also separate, between s produce arc, arc elongated in the arcing cover slit, arcing shield gas at the same time, in the current zero, the arc extinguishing. Function drop fuse is suitable for the use frequency of 50 hz, rated voltage up to and including 35 kv power system, in a distribution transformer high voltage side or distribution of the main road. Main purpose is to maintain the middle of the performance request is not high, it can be separated from every other close cooperate to use, instead of automatic air switch; Can also cooperate with load switch is applied, the replacement of circuit breaker in price. At the same time also has a short circuit maintenance, overload and isolating circuit. The working process of the fuse series in the electric power line, in normal work, with button of fuse installed in the fuse tube on contact, be equipped with pressure relief cap compression of the compressor, fuse the tail line out after a fuse tube, will pop up nearly nozzle plate twist back pressure, and the contact cohesion, in the pop-up plate under the action of the torsion fuse constantly in a state of tension, and lock the joints. The fuse in the closing position, due to the static contact head downward and outward thrust of shrapnel, make whole fuse contact more secure.
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