Tell me something about the pin insulator electric function

by:Mings     2020-07-04

the base pin insulator day performance includes electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. In addition, the environment and aging resistance. PIN insulator of electric performance: the exterior insulation called flashover, the damage of discharge and flashover characteristics are the important electrical characteristics of the PIN insulator. About different voltage grade, pin insulator the withstand voltage of the request is different, the index is dry, wet power frequency withstand voltage, lightning shock nursing talents, the influence of shock wave pressure, tasks, etc.

in order to prevent the operation failure, breakdown voltage higher than the flashover voltage of insulator. Experiments in a factory, porcelain insulator can breakdown, this is usually caused by sparks experiment, that is to say, sparks of low-voltage insulation appearance occurs frequently, so that it can maintain a certain time, to see whether a punctured.

some insulator, radio and corona experiment is necessary, the partial discharge and dielectric loss experiments. Because of reduced air density, high altitude region insulator dielectric strength drop, therefore, for the standardization of the withstand voltage conversion of atmospheric conditions shall be modified accordingly. Polluted insulator flashover voltage is be affected with damp be affected with damp is under dry, wet flashover voltage, therefore, purification area should be enhanced insulation or take, anti-pollution insulator creepage interval ( The ratio of creepage interval with extra voltage) Should be higher than normal.

pin insulator compared with exchange of insulator, dc electric field distribution is poorer, and the adsorption dirt and electrolysis, low flashover voltage, have a special structure design and specific request, creepage interval is greater.

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