Tension insulator and what is the difference between suspension insulator?

by:Mings     2020-07-05

as the name implies, tension insulator, it is need to bear the tension of overhead line of an insulator. Use in the end of the line and the line need turn on the tower. Suspension insulator, do not need to bear the tension of line, just under the gravity of the line itself is ok, more in line segment on the tower. Tension insulator for glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, suspension insulator composite silicone rubber materials.

knowledge extension:

insulator according to the score of toughened glass, ceramic, composite and three. According to the hanging way points suspension type, pillar type. On transmission lines with suspension insulator, and tension on the straight line tower Angle tower jumper using suspension insulator string, suspension insulator string only wire and ice under vertical load and wind load. In tension corner tower adopts tension insulator string, will lead to hang on the tower, tension insulator string in addition to the wiring and ice under vertical load and wind load, to lead the line direction under tension load. In the past on the transmission lines of 110 kv and below used porcelain crossarm insulator, belongs to the pillar insulator, due to its under wind load and the ability to lead uneven tension is poorer, is now rarely used. Pillar insulator is mainly used in substation and low voltage power distribution lines.

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