Test of zhangzhou power insulator to ensure safe and stable operation

by:Mings     2020-07-10
On December 27, sending of zhangzhou power department charged class staff, using good time of it's sunny, small wind speed, speed up to 220 kv get east II porcelain insulator to implement zero value of the road test. < P> 'this week, we can complete get II road east porcelain insulator zero test work, at the same time also complete the testing tasks for the whole year. 'Said the bureau sending department head, found that some of the hidden trouble in charged detection, has to be processed on time, greatly improve the zhangzhou during the 2012 New Year's day, Spring Festival 110 kv and above the reliability of the backbone power grid safe operation. < / P> < P> according to introducing, implement zero value for transmission line insulator, running tests, or to carry out the damaged porcelain insulator detection, aiming to timely grasp the running situation, prevent the creepage distance is not enough cause tripping or failure cases, drop caused by steel cap burst accidents. < / P>
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