The advantage of the cold shrink cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-06-30

with the rapid development of our country science and technology level, the cold cable is widely used in the attachment, so what are the advantage of the cold cable accessories? Below small make up to introduce to everyone:

cold cable accessories installed without special tools, convenient and quick. Don't hot, safe and reliable; Has lasting radial pressure to the cable ontology, and cable are the same as 'breathing', seal water proofing property is good, to ensure long-term reliable operation. A full range of products adopt advanced technology of cold, no hot and special tools, installation, just pulling wire core, elastomer quickly shrink and tight in the installation area.

cold cable accessories all raw materials for imports of used silicone rubber has good insulation and high recovery of elasticity, always after installation will not produce by cable runtime respiration wear click. All products adopt special special sealing glue to the connection parts, realize the whole sealing, prevent and avoid the air ring caused by operation fault.

cold cable accessories filth resistance, ageing resistance, hydrophobic good, has a superior cold resistant performance, especially suitable for high altitude, cold, damp areas, salt fog areas, and heavy pollution area. Without open flame when installation, especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, mining and other flammable and explosive place.

cold cable accessories also has a unique stress cone control unit, product structure design for the built-in stepwise stress cone, more effective stress evacuation, products more reliable operation; With coated type semiconduction shielding layer, middle joint product of outer semiconducting layers of rubber injection molding, have appropriate thickness, which can ensure the performance of outer semiconducting layers and the safety of the whole joint. On this basis, the cold type cable accessories also have installation process simple, without special tools, no need to use fire heating, just according to the installation instructions to complete the installation; A wide range of general a specifications of the products can be used a variety of cable diameter, easy to choose and management features.

in addition, the cold cable accessories with other forms of cable accessories do not have the following advantages: excellent corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, long service life, especially the electrical conductivity is very good, can effective evacuation for conductor resistance, insulation and the heat generated by the dielectric loss factor, which can effectively improve the service life of the product; With inorganic materials properties, such as electric corrosion, leakage mark resistance performance is strong, more reliable operation; Suitable temperature range is wide, minus 55 degrees Celsius and instantaneous 250 degrees above freezing can keep normal working state; Has good hydrophobic, can apply to a variety of environments, such as damp, coastal salt fog, severe filthy; This kind of product for cable insulation, there are a lot of pressure force factors that influences the quality of power cable accessories. And the interface pressure, the greater the insulation strength is higher, the smaller the partial discharge; Because of continuous compression force, the cold type cable accessories also can avoid heat bilges cold shrink cable runtime and bending, the soft movement when breathing phenomenon, thus avoids the cables and accessories within the air gap between creepage breakdown phenomenon.

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