The advantages and disadvantages of insulation column

by:Mings     2020-07-06

there are many different kinds of insulating column, application range, let's insulation column under various classification to tell the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of insulation column, if you don't know the insulation column of each classification, please check the material of insulation column.

disc hanging porcelain insulation column has the advantage of appearance and changeful, bending and mechanical performance is very good, do not breakdown; Defect is slightly bulky appearance, lack of tensile properties, poor pollution resistant.

disc hanging glass insulation column has the advantage of reliable performance, wide application, convenient online monitoring; Breakdown, the disadvantage is that can be resistant to dirt poor performance, is the critical features.

bar hanging composite column has the advantage of simple light structure, simple manufacturing process, mechanical tensile strength is excellent, not breakdown, fouling resistance of excellence; The disadvantage is that as the voltage grade is heavy, umbrella is single, and prone to creep and brittle fracture after a long run, it can be hard to on-line monitoring, the electric field distribution.

mixed column has the advantage of insulation structure is simple, portable dexterity, arc distance and installation height basically the same; The disadvantage is that poor long-term aging resistance and mechanical strength is relatively poor.

these are the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of insulation column, you can refer to this article to select suitable for their own insulation column types.

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