The advantages of hydrophobic composite insulator, composite insulator - Composite insulator surface is hydrophobic, the pollution flashover resistance is strong, small in size and quality

by:Mings     2020-04-29
Along with the increasing transmission capacity of transmission lines and the development of superhigh pressure technology, more and more high to the requirement of insulator, need the insulator to withstand great pressure and bearing capacity, support the wires. Currently in use of porcelain and glass insulator, its function has not completely content of electric power operation and security needs, need to update the insulator to replace, need to ensure line. In recent years has developed a new type of insulator & ndash; Composite insulator. Composite insulator and composite insulator, it is by the end of the rod core, umbrella plate and metal iron cap) Three departments. Every departments cooperate with each other using composite insulator, exert important role. Composite insulator has good corrosion resistance, anti-aging function, still resilient under 70 degrees Celsius, can be long-term work under 20 degrees Celsius. Composite insulator for long and thin piece, because the electric field distribution is not average in order to improve the electric field distribution, but also to arc of 10 kv composite insulator configuration a pressure test and operation are needed to confirm the composite insulator has the following advantages: the anti pollution flashover. Composite insulator surface is hydrophobic, water on a particle is not easy to form a conductive path with composite insulators umbrella plate of small diameter, large distance, high surface resistance and leakage current small so have higher lightning pressure. Strength is big, the quality of light. Because of the rod core has a high tensile strength could do a very lightweight composite insulator. Can reduce the tower stress, reduce the intensity of installation and maintenance, saving a lot of measurements. Small volume, light quality. Because of small volume, light quality, composite insulator and umbrella plate has a flexible, not easily damaged, so the transportation, installation and maintenance to bring huge then. For the application of composite insulators, is its prices higher than porcelain insulator but from a long-term comprehensive economic efficiency considered composite insulator is ideal material and the higher the voltage, the economic benefit is remarkable, predictably, with power line transmission capacity and voltage level will further progress of composite insulator has been widely used in electric power system. Low voltage line pin type porcelain insulator used under 1 kv repel and attack for insulation and fixed wire in the power line. Low voltage line butterfly porcelain insulator for power distribution line terminal, tension and Angle pole as insulation and anchor wire in. Low voltage line shaft porcelain insulator for power distribution line terminal, tension and Angle pole as insulation and anchor wire in. 【 On a message: pin insulator filth discharge 】 the cause and preventive measures 【 A message: under high voltage line with composite insulator was compared with the traditional insulator 】
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