The application of heat shrinkable tube on the circuit board have?

by:Mings     2020-07-13

is the function of heat shrinkable tube fittings of electrical insulating, solder joint rust corrosion, mechanical protection and harness protection, etc. , are widely used in electronics, communications, machinery and car production category, such as heat shrinkable tube in what is not important device in the electrical circuit, but a lot of time is the key for successful planning as a whole. Heat shrinkable tube effect in the circuit is an important device and circuit maintenance from harm and influence, insulation, sealing, protection, such as beautiful decorative effect. Small make up today to introduce the application of heat shrinkable tube on the circuit board, let's take a look at below:

heat shrinkable casing refers to using heat shrinkage of woven net tube, heat shrinkable casing HSS made of polyester fiber in weaving and polyolefin woven monofilament, can contract after the heat to the inner diameter of 0. 5 times. Everybody know the circuit board is composed of a number of a card slot, plug-ins, chips around the wiring harness, wiring harness and generally have a solder joint between the slot, and the branch bifurcate, it needs protection processing using the thermal shrinkage tube to solder joints.

primary effect of heat shrinkable tube on the circuit board are the following:

1. Solder joint sealing rust; Heat shrinkable tube can effectively cut welds oxidation, corrosion;

2。 Insulation, short circuit protection; Heat shrinkable tube which can effectively prevent foreign body lap shorting panels;

3。 The identifiers effect; Heat shrinkable tube after dealing with the printing and use different color of heat shrinkable tube, can be used to sign the wire and didn't use effect, convenient late recognition and repair;

4。 Stretch panels using life; Circuit system board such as computer motherboard, large machine running at higher temperature, heat shrinkable tube can effectively reduce the aging speed of wire harness, maintenance of wiring harness is not dust, erosion, extends the using life of panels;

5。 Harness the branch protection; A large wire in the circuit board in each of the interface will be divided into several small harness in the lap of card slot, heat shrinkable tube can effectively the wire and the maintenance of the bifurcation, fixed fork mouth no longer spread due to external factors;

how to use heat shrinkable tube in the circuit board?

heat shrinkable tube of hot shrinkage method many, including appropriate circuit board in the use of small make up to introduce two ways, because the circuit board wiring harness used in heat shrinkable tube specifications are relatively small, relatively short heating way is to use lighter, both time and cost savings, and consider using heat gun heat shrinkable tube heating contraction. In this paper, the application of heat shrinkable tube on the circuit board have? The very detailed introduction about the heat shrinkable tube of flame retardant grade or other problems, heat shrinkable tube welcome reading other articles of this section.

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