The application of heat shrinkable tube on the motor

by:Mings     2020-06-25

pyrocondensation material divided into heat shrinkable tubes and heat shrinkable belt, according to the different USES and applications in various parts of the motor, below small make up to you to introduce the application of heat shrinkable tube on the motor:

a, lead wire marking system

due to the heat shrinkable tube has a good performance, copper corrosion stability, resistance to solvent, dipping paint, the surface can also be in accordance with the requirements of motor design in identifying letters, so when designing motor stator and its winding attachment fixture wire available heat shrinkable tube instead of the easily fall off and break the traditional metal aluminum, lead wire marking system.

do lead wiring logo design with heat shrinkable tube connection, should take into account the reduction of heat shrinkable tube, the series motors are unified logo, and make the logo more eye-catching, beautiful; Specific provision of heat shrinkable tube radial size, print logo letters and its color, heat shrinkable tube.

schedule by a company to choose Shanghai nanyang cable factory JYJ crosslinked polyolefin insulation winding soft cable production of K series motor, for example, heat shrinkable tube design lead connection id is given to some of the technical requirements.

use heat shrinkable tube design winding lead wiring accessories logo, in addition to the design of specific provision of winding attachment fixture wire heat shrinkable pipe diameter to the size, color, also requires the thermistor fixture wire TP letters logo heat shrinkable tube, the heater fixture wire HE letter logo heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable tube in thermocouple wiring on TC letters on the logo, the thermostat fixture wire TB letter identifiers and heat shrinkable tube, in a more conducive to identify.

2, special motor insulation, sealing protection

level motor lead wire cable temperature is higher, sometimes the quality instability factors, such as silicone rubber cable, class H motor stator lead wire and cable insulation using heat shrinkable tube insulation protection, can improve the reliability of the motor.

heat shrinkable tube has corrosion resistance ( 158 ℃, 7 days) , coil end cover paint anti-corrosion of the coating can't coated lead, so in TH when its insulation parts of motor stator lead design set of machine design when the stator lead insulation heat shrinkable tube insulation protection, has sealed, moisture, salt fog, prevent mould.

3, heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable technology. Whether hot shrinkage work do lead connection logo or special electric tractor used for insulation protection, sealing materials, only hot shrinkage process scientific and reasonable, can guarantee the heat shrinkable tube hot shrinkage is reliable, practical and stable. Here is a hot shrinkage process and matters needing attention:

dirt and protection: varnished, terminal block wiring and other process may be soiled heat shrinkable tube, therefore in the process of hot shrinkage should be given the corresponding protective measures and strengthening inspection.

tools and baking efficiency: heat shrinkable tube hot shrinkage can use tools such as hair dryer, heating tank, oven. In practice, in order to match the mobile power supply drying drum wind electric gun baking heat shrinkable tube, the highest efficiency, use the most convenient.

radial size design and thermal shrinkage burst: heat shrinkable tube along the radial direction after heating produces more than 50% of the contract, in order to ensure the set of the heat shrinkable tube wear hot shrinkage after firmly fixed on the carrier, the radial dimensions must choose appropriate. Radial size is too big, after the thermal contraction fixed not firm; The radial size is too small, easily lead to burst when baking hot shrinkage and motor.

dipping paint adhesion and guard: because many motor manufacturer USES epoxy impregnating varnish impregnated baking machine, in order to prevent the baking heat shrinkable tube when touching each other, before the varnished heat shrinkable tube cable must be fixed in proper way. Pressed in recessed panel on machine can be used to prevent adhesion.

hot shrinkage position and virtual, drop-off: used as wiring logo heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable position has two requirements: one is to near the cold-press terminal, the other is solid in three root ( Or six or nine) The position of the lead wire on the basic level should be. Such as thermal shrinkage causing virtual ( Below the bottom) , after handling, varnished, thermal curing process, heat shrinkable tube of fixed position may vary, so mild influence visual sensation effect, the serious influence logo effect, and may even fall off. With special motor insulation protection, sealing materials of heat shrinkable tube, virtual shrinkage may lead to a fixed position, affect lead connection cable connecting terminal or cold end protection. In the materials into the factory inspection best heat shrinkable tube, to avoid the phenomenon of insufficient heat shrinkable tubes shrank ( Also no contract reaches a certain temperature or heating up again) 。

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