The application range of the insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-08

the type of insulator application scope also have some differences, let's explain the application scope of all kinds of jyz insulator.

jyz insulator kinds roughly divided into four kinds, each have advantages and disadvantages, disc hanging porcelain jyz insulator because of good flexibility and can travel sex is widely applied in transmission line hanging, tension and v-shaped string, rail transportation, Electrified railway, subway and light rail) The transmission line also use a small amount of; Jyz disc hanging glass insulator and the application scope of disc hanging jyz insulator used about the same, is widely used in rail transit transmission lines; Composite jyz bar hanging insulator trailer string of accidents, in addition to used in transmission line part is also used in tension strings, and also widely used in rail transit transmission lines; Mixed jyz insulator due to the inorganic materials and organic polymer materials mix manufacture, process complex, is a combination of the above three kinds of production technology, composite three kinds of material characteristics, through three kinds of material, but because of its production time is not long, this type of hybrid jyz insulator is also need to test for a long time.

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