The basic knowledge of composite insulator manufacturer

by:Mings     2020-05-11

composite insulator in China must be more widely used. It is necessary to break the traditional people pollution to use flash light to shake the dominance of porcelain and glass insulator. In order to achieve this goal, composite insulator manufacturer to remind all of us need to pay attention to the following questions, and continue to carry out further research work.

the most prominent characteristic of composite insulator mandrel is high strength and high specific strength. Its tensile strength can be up to 7000 MPa, quality carbon steel is five times than strength. Some regions and departments have put forward the use of composite insulator, and its mechanical strength is higher than that of traditional porcelain insulator, glass insulator porcelain insulator for example 160 kN and use of composite insulator 210 kN. In fact, when the load is less than 40% of the rated mechanical load, can guarantee the reliability of the operation. So, you can choose according to the method of porcelain insulator composite insulator, without increasing mechanical allow load value. Core rod load deflection measurement show that the composite insulator has good resistance to bending, good beating and breeze vibration resistance. When used in the tension tower, it can absorb a certain amount of bending distance. With different connection structure at the end of the product in the long run, the change of mechanical properties are different, so we need further research.

the above composite insulator manufacturer is to introduce the knowledge of composite insulator products, I believe you, after see to have to learn more about the product. If you want to continue to understand our products, welcome to inquire us, we also welcome you to visit to visit factory.

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