The basic requirement of high voltage equipment operation

by:Mings     2020-07-15

science and technology and technical personnel through years of experience and observation, found that workers at the time of operation of high pressure equipment should follow some basic requirements, we take a look at the following:

1, the high voltage equipment charged or not, the staff on duty shall not move alone or over the protective covering bar to work; If it is necessary to remove the protective covering bar, must have a guardian is present.

2, high pressure equipment earthing occurs, interior fault point shall not be close to 4 meters, outdoor 8 meters shall not be close to the fault point. Into the scope of the above personnel must wear insulating boots, surgical and architecture in the contact unit, insulating gloves should be worn.

3, work on high voltage equipment, must abide by the following:

( 1) Filled with a working ticket or verbal, telephone orders;

( 2) At least two people to work together;

( 3) Complete organizational measures and technical measures to assure the safety staff.

4, power switch operations must be in accordance with the switch breaker, bus side breaker and load side, the sequence, the order of the power switch to the contrary. Beware of loading breaker.

5, high-pressure work should also comply with the following provisions:

( 1) Live part can only be on the front or side of the staff;

( 2) Straight body, the top of the head or straight after the hand and the distance from the upper live part should not be less than the above-mentioned distances. If not meet the above conditions or meet the above conditions but no guardian is present, it is forbidden to remove the cover or close to live part;

( 3) No mesh in the switchgear at the back of the iron bar, when you start the iron gate, according to the provisions of this article is carried out.

operators should be familiar with electrical equipment, on duty personnel on duty or run alone shall also have the practical experience of the person in charge.

1。 2 high voltage equipment in accordance with the following conditions, can be by a single person on duty or single operation:

1) Indoor high voltage equipment isolation room has a bar, the height of the block bar in 1. More than 7 m, installation is firm and locked;

2) Indoor high voltage circuit breaker ( Switch) The operator with a wall or metal plate and the circuit breaker ( Switch) Isolation or with distant operator.

1。 3 no matter whether high voltage equipment charged, the staff may not be removed or across the screen bar work alone; If necessary, remove the cover column must have a guardian is present, and conform to the safe distance.

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