The basic requirement of the cable intermediate joint

by:Mings     2020-06-29

a cable with another cable connecting part is called cable joint in the middle. It connects conductors, insulation, sealing and protection.

( 1) For the joint in the middle of the basic requirements: the middle of the cable connector and cable terminal is the weak link in the safe operation of the cable, so pay special attention in selection and construction requirements, 10 kv and below the middle connector terminals, and basically the structure of it mainly includes the guide take frozen sealing, d level of strengthening, waterproof and mechanical protection of four parts. Now will be the basic requirements for the middle joint

(1) seal is good.

(2) the insulation and reliable. Should have meet heat shrinkable cable line in the condition of all kinds of long-term safe operation of the insulation structure, and has a certain margin.

3. The conductor connection is good. Requires good connection between cable core and the connecting pipe, make the joint of small contact resistance and stability.

(4) mechanical protection is better. The joint in the middle of the metal shell is a key part of the protective insulation, the mechanical joint protection at the same time.

( 2) The middle joint types: 10 kv and below the cold cable in the middle of the integral cast iron, steel seal welded butt joint, lead ( Copper) Or aluminum alloy bushing and a variety of forms such as plastic, epoxy resin casting. Currently use more lead ( Copper) And the middle connector box made of aluminum alloy, water insulation glue inside the box, the waterproof seal and supplementary insulation effect.

( 3) Make the middle joint ( Including the terminal head) Among the general processes: production of connectors and terminal head working procedure as the same, can be divided into three stages, namely, production preparation, production process and production after the test.

the preparing work before the production: complete check various parts according to the drawing, all parts in contact with the cable oil are needed qualified cable oil cleaning a continuous track laying good must use cable terminals and cable connector. Cable line in the middle part of the cable joint is called the middle joint, and the end of the line two cable joint is called the terminal head.

the cable terminal head category

cable terminal according to the installation site can be divided into indoor type and outdoor type two kinds. Cable intermediate joint is not within the household outdoor, can install and use the material according to the fabrication and installation can be divided into hot shrinkage type, cold type, dry type, epoxy resin casting type. ( The commonly used is the cold and hot shrinkage)

can be divided by line core materials copper power cable and aluminum core power cable. ( Cable core insulation material connection hardware, copper cable with copper and copper nose to take over, aluminum cable with copper, aluminum and copper nose to take over)

so what is a good brand of cable accessories?

as we all know, when you buy products need to look at the brand, high voltage cable accessory is difficult to distinguish good or bad, but the brand is easy to distinguish between size, who more advertising platform, who afford spokesperson, whose mouth is better, this is don't cheat people, also can't lie.

because both cold cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories products need powerful r&d for support, and to be able to have such advertising companies, naturally also has a strong technology research and development of capital investment. Then the brand strength.

select brands, is to choose the strength, can't go wrong with strength.

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