The cause of damage of insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-08

we quoted on 'ageing' often cause, the cause of breakdown and the following.

( 1) Man-made damage, such as the wounded, smash, etc.

( 2) Installation is not in conformity with the provisions, or under stress exceeds the allowable values.

( 3) Due to the sudden cold heat, electric porcelain internal stress, or the hail and wounded.

( 4) Pollution flashover accident due to dirt, or in the rain and snow or surface discharge phenomenon in a thunderstorm, Flashover) And damage. ( 5) Under the overvoltage runtime, due to the dielectric strength and mechanical strength is not enough, or poor quality and damage to the insulator itself.

( 5) Natural dirty floating dust in the air, sea breeze bring salt fog ( In the insulator surface form florescence) And bird droppings.

( 6) Industrial filth coal-fired power plants, chemical, metallurgy, glass, cement plant, and smoke and gas from steam locomotives, etc. Natural filth on the surface of the insulator material had been washed away the rain, and industrial impurity substance is attached in the surface of the insulator thin film, are not easily washed away rain. When air humidity is high, can be conductive to leakage current increase greatly.

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